Finishing Equipment List:

Equipment description Reference number Serial number
1971 Polar 72 CE Single Phase All Tools - 5 Blades A0135 TBA
Polar 80ST, manual back gauge, safety beamed, one spare blade @ 2K A0136 TBA
1995 Polar 92EM monitor, chrome bed, L&R extended formica air tables, 3 blades, new monitor. A0371 TBA
2001 Polar 78ED, 2 blades. A0479 TBA
1991 Polar 115EM fully programmable guillotine with safety beams and air table, includes Lifter 1000W-3, PJ/RBA5 jogger and Trans Mat T-MAT-E pallet loader. A0325 TBA
1997 Polar 115E colour monitor, 2000 TR130EL-4 Transmat, 2000 RA-4 Jogger and 2000 LW1000-4 pile lifter. A0149 TBA
1971 Polar 115EL, safety beamed, 3 blades, microcut ftted, air bed. A0388 TBA
1990 Polar free standing auto stack lifter. A0236 TBA
1990 Baumann free standing auto stack lifter. A0250 TBA
Image or Angle Pad attachment to suit  Polar Mohr115EL. A0165 TBA
1987 Microcut Kit includes keyboard servo drive and manuals, complete. RRP 15K, make an offer. A0485 TBA
2008 (Jan) Zhejaing Guowei guillotine 115 with colour monitor, air bed, programmable, chrome bed, delivered, installed with warranty. A0581 TBA
1978 Wohlenberg SPM76 with program, airbed and 2 blades. A0157 TBA
1970 Wolhenberg 115, air bed, Microcut programme with 4 new blades. A0271 TBA
1980 Wolhenberg 92cm guillotine, safety beamed, 2 knives. A0083 TBA
1984 Wohlenberg 115 MCS-2TV fully programmable, air bed, safety lights and spare blade. A0172 TBA
1985 Wolhenberg 115 MCS-3-TV fully programmable, air bed, safety lights and spare blade, RHS hydraulic lifter, needs new back gauge tape. A0533 TBA
1983 Wohlenberg 155 guillotine, with program, air bed and extended L & R air tables. A0472 TBA
1970 Perfecta Sepya 107cm, air, safety beamed, programable, 2 blades and log books. A0043 TBA
1964 Schneider Senator 106, airbed, safety beamed with Ezy-cut program (needs attention). A0523 TBA
Adast Blanksko Maxima MS 80 E guillotine, programable, safety lights. A0505 TBA
Adast Blanksko Maxima 80 manual guillotine, 2 blades electric back gauge with periscope. A0104 TBA
2003 Ideal 7228-95 Guillotine, programable, 2 blades. A0487 TBA
1985 Ideal 7228 programable guillotine, 3 phase. A0530 TBA
2000 Ideal 4810 guillotine, manual clamping. A0445 TBA
1992 Ideal 6560, 4 blades, manual clamp. A0052 TBA
1985 Ideal 6560 guillotine, spare blade. A0199 TBA
1996 Horizon APC T-61cm guillotine, fully programable, safety beamed, chrome bed, 3 blades. A0192 TBA
Uchida 61cm guillotine, power cut, brand new blade, foot operated clamp, needs new safety cover to comply. A0219 TBA
Uchida 61cm guillotine, power cut, manual back gauge, safety covered, 2 blades one new. A0203 TBA
Nagel Citiborma 180 single head drill. A0026 TBA
1996 Nagel Citoborma 180 single head drill with sliding table. A0543 TBA
Kuhl single head paper drill, multi-positional. A0033 TBA
2004 Uchida LA2 three head hydraulic paper drill, presets and tools. A489 TBA
Collators/booklet makers:    
Bourg BST-10 x 2 towers, stitcher, folder and stacker A0006 TBA
1997 Bourg BST10 ten bin suction collator X 2 towers, AGR-T stitcher, PA-T crashfolder, TR-T fore edge trimmer, TD-T receding stacker. A0559 TBA
1997 Watkiss VARIO 8 bin suction and 1 bin friction (cover feeder) including jogger and Bookmaster PRO Wa/BMP 1021 stitcher, folder trimmer. A0181 TBA
1993 Watkiss Vario 10 bin suction collator with 4/6 split and VSP stitch (spool feed)-fold-trim unit. A0334 TBA
1999 Watkiss Vario 12 bin suction collator with stitch, fold and trimmer. A0576 TBA
1994 Watkiss Vario 13 bin friction collator with jogger. A0269 TBA
2002 Horizon VAC-100a and VAC-100c towers with SPF-20 stitcher/folder and FC-20 fore edge trimmer. A0184 TBA
2005 Horizon VAC-100a tower (10 bin) suction with PJ-77 jogger A0393 TBA
Horizon MC-8m tower, can only be connected to a mother tower. A0080 TBA
1996 Horizon MC80c 8 bin suction tower. A0143 TBA
1988 Horizon MC80c eight bin suction tower with PJ-77 jogger. A0003 TBA
1989 Horizon 8000S, eight bin suction collator with criss cross jogger. A0478 TBA
1989 Horizon AC-1600, 16 bin friction collator with receding stacker. A0113 TBA
1986 Horizon AC6000, six bin suction collator with CF20 cover feeder. A0111 TBA
1988 Horizon AC-6000 suction collator with jogger and CF20 cover feeder. A0491 TBA
2005 Duplo DFC-12 (twelve bin friction collator) with DBM-120 booklet maker and DBM-120T trimmer. A0555 TBA
2000 Duplo DC-10000 ten bin suction collator with jogger. A0151 TBA
Duplo 10000s ten bin suction collator ( 2 towers of 10 bins) bridge and receding stacker unit. A0506 TBA
1994 Duplo DC8000S, 2 Towers x 8 bins, DC-48SH saddle stitcher-DC-48F folder & DC-48T fore-edge trimmer, side staple, corner staple,block programmable, DC-48ST stacker, 3 phase + 240v required A0426 TBA
1996 Duplo DC- stitcher and fold unit, to suit DC-10000 towers. A0145 TBA
1989 Duplo DC1200 (12 bins) x 2 towers (friction feed) with alternating stacker. A0261 TBA
Didde-Glaser Speedcollect 7 bin suction collator/gluer, A3 plus size. A0110 TBA
Crash Folders and Vertical Press Stackers:    
Circa 2007-8 Shoei Crash Folder, rotary feeder, Z knife unit and vertical press stacker. A0235 TBA
1995 Stahl KT-66 3/4 KTL, Round pile feeder, 2 up and down buckles, 2 knives with bottom knife having a buckle plate (allows A3 to DL) also SBP-46 press stacker. A0329 TBA
1995 Stahl Digital TD78-KLLRD 2up 2 down 3 knives, round pile feeder. A0338 TBA
1980 Stahl K66-3/4KTLFB2. A0276 TBA
1983 Stahl K56-4KTL, complete with manuals, needs new vanes. A0228 TBA
1980 Stahl T-56-6, T56-4, T56-2 has Tremat feeder with exit conveyor. A0422 TBA
1995 Stahl TX52-4-4-K round pile feeder, sound covers. A0270 TBA
1985 Stahl T49-4-4 with flat pile feeder. A0529 TBA
1999 Palamides BA700 Bander stacker with delivery. A0538 TBA
Dick Moll Dial-A-Feed Pile feeder (standard suction feeder) A0067 TBA
1998 G & K Folder with Round pile feeder, FA72-6, 72-4, 52-4, full sound hoods, Double gate fold plate, KS-47 attachment for pharmaceutical folding. A0298 TBA
1996 G & K Folder with Round pile feeder, K72/4KTL, 2 up and down buckles and 2 knife units. A0494 TBA
1992 MBO B-30-4-4-2 (4-4@ 30") and (2@26") with round pile feeder and exit conveyor. Two units available. A0283 TBA
1990 MBO B-30/C, 75-4, 75-4, 35-4, with round pile feeder, exit conveyor. A0239 TBA
1990 MBO B-30/C, 75-4, 75-4, 35-4, with round pile feeder, exit conveyor. A0101 TBA
1992 MBO round pile feeder, 76-4K with pocket knife and another knife section. A0332 TBA
1989 MBO K72-4KTL with round pile feeder, 2up and 2 down, 2 knives with MBO SAP-66-ME conveyor and stacker. A0262 TBA
1985 MBO K65/4KTL, 4 buckles and 2 knives with Vaculift pile feeder and exit conveyor A0223 TBA
1985 MBO K52-4-KTL 9 2 up and 2 down and 2 knives with round pile feeder. A0103 TBA
1976 MBO T52/4 suction folder, 2up-2down. A0024 TBA
1982 MBO crossfold section T52-4-K (cross fold section only). A0551 TBA
1988 MBO T49-4K, sound hoods, batch counter, rollers in good condition for its age. A0256 TBA
1987 MBO T49-4K, new rollers and drive belt, 6 months ago. A0134 TBA
1988 MBO T49-4-4-K, new factory supplied rollers in both units, new drive belts both units, heaps of perforation spares, capable of double gate fold, manual and tools VGC. A0328 TBA
1970 Multi Effekt 74-4, 58-4, 50-4 and exit conveyor. A0127 TBA
1998 G& K 52-4 folder suit new buyer. A0176 TBA
1988 GUK FA72-4-4-1K with round pile feeder and EK-420 wheel up scissor height adjustable knife unit. A0160 TBA
1978 Shoei KT52 Silent, 2 up and down buckles, knife and deflector, conveyor. A0195 TBA
1987 Shoei KT52 folder, 2 up and down buckles, knife and deflector, conveyor. A0476 TBA
1990 Stahl T36-4-4-K A0399 TBA
1996 Stahl T36 suction folder, combnation rollers, counter, and mobile stand. A0395 TBA
1994 Faltex 711-236 (A3+ format) suction folder with combination rollers, extended suction feeder, electric delivery, batch counter, noise hoods, tab set roller gap and mobile stand. A0266 TBA
Faltex 712 - 246 A3+ suction folder, combnation rollers, tab set, elec.deliver, mobile stand. A0209 TBA
Faltex 712 A3+ suction folder, elec.deliver, mobile stand. A0094 TBA
Faltex 712-236 A3+ suction folder, combination rollers, tab sets, mobile stand.VGC A0177 TBA
1994 Baum 714xe A3+ suction folder. A0369 TBA
1997 Baum 714 XE 2 plate suction folder, sound hoods, counter and stand. A0547 TBA
1996 Baum Ultrafold 714 A3+ suction folder, combination rollers,sound hoods and mobile stand. A0015 TBA
Baum 714 A3 suction folder, rubber rollers. A0372 TBA
MB Multipli 352 suction folder, available August 2001. A0268 TBA
MB Multipli A3 suction folder, rubber rollers, electric delivery, counter. A0061 TBA
1994 UFO Morgana A3 suction folder, batch counter, noise hoods, electric delivery. A0285 TBA
1990 Stahl T36-2US, A3 suction folder, combination rollers, sound covers, sheet counter (no batch), mobile stand A0348 TBA
Wire Binders & Punchs:    
1996 James Burns Wire-O-WB38 Beta-Doc A0132 TBA
1970 Super Portland hand feed hole punching and tabbing machine. A0264 TBA
1996 Ibico A4PB plactic comb binder with combined punch. A0544 TBA
2001 Renz Heavy duty desktop 3:1 electric punch and 1999 Mid range Renz desktop 2:1 electric punch with manual closer . A0540 TBA
1990 Harris SP 455, six station feeders, cover feeder with scoring, 4 stitcher heads, 3 way trimmer and conveyor, 5000/ph output. A0354 TBA
1999 (installed 2000) Heidelberg ST100.1 Stitchliner, 6 feeders, cover feeder, stitcher unit with 4 heads and 2 loop stitch heads, three way trimmer with exit conveyor. A0454 TBA
2002 Muller Martini Prima, 6 stations, Cover feeder, Stitcher with 4 heads, Three way trimmer and Book stacker. A0583 TBA
1985 Muller Martini 321, 5 stations of 306 with 2 pumps, stitcher and 3 way trimmer and twin bin delivery with batch counter. A0410 TBA
One only used 1982 Muller Martini 1509 six station (3 x 2) feeders, 217 three way trimmer, 3 stitcher heads. A0047 TBA
1983 MullerMartini 1509 six stations, extended rail with 2 manual feeders, stitcher, 3 way trimmer and booklet stacker. A0439 TBA
Muller Martini 1509, 6 hoppers, 233 cover feeder, 221 stitcher and three way trimmer. All in good working order. A0095 TBA
1982 Muller Martini E6/50 gatherer/235stitcher/trimmer, 4 stations, 292 cover feeder, DSS-3 way trimmer and conveyor. A0278 TBA
1985 Muller Martini 221 four hoppers of 888 (455 x 325 signatures) with extra rail and chain for 2 more hoppers, 221 stitcher with 1 spare head, 217 three way trimmer with brand new spare set of upper and lower blades. A0534 TBA
1986 Muller Martini 222 gatherer/221stitcher/trimmer, 4 stations, 217- 3 way trimmer and conveyor. A0279 TBA
Muller Martini 221, 5 stations plus cover feeder, 3 way trimmer, fully re-furbished by Muller Martini 18 months ago. A0375 TBA
Muller Martini 1516, 8 stations, stitcher, 3 way trimmer and exit conveyor. A0490 TBA
1985 Muller Martini 310-14 book stacker. A0307 TBA
Circa 1988 McCain six station gatherer, stitcher with cover feeder and 3 way trimmer. A0536 TBA
Camco hand feed saddle stitcher. A0011 TBA
1972 Rosenback manual feed saddle stitcher. A0300 TBA
Muller Martini type 888 station feeders, in good condition, tabloid size. A0152 TBA
1984 Polygraph Original Perfecta SDYEZ-1 three way trimmer with insert conveyor. A0193 TBA
1995 Sheridan Saddlebinder SP455-S, six stations, cover feeder, two head stitcher with standard heads (+ loop stitch heads) and three way trimmer. A0158 TBA
1993 Sheridan Saddlebinder SP562-S, eight stations with 2 manual hoppers, cover feeder, two head stitcher with standard heads and three way trimmer (with 5 knives), 1995 alternating book stacker. A0273 TBA
1990 Muller Martini Book stacker, type 310-14. A0321 TBA
1985 Muller Martini Book stacker, type 310-14. A0318 TBA
2004 Rima Stacker RS-1012S book stacker for finishing line. A0477 TBA
Strapping/banding machines and Paper counter:    
Akebond OB 301 tape banding machines x 3 units. A0227 TBA
1991 Goodpack SP-1 plastic loop banding machine. A0229 TBA
2006 Siat XL35-S fully adjustable automatic box tapeing machine. A0473 TBA
Perfect Binders:    
1996 Horizon BQ440 four clamp perfect binder with in-line scoring, side gluing and fume extraction, 1mm to 40mm spine, 647920 cycles. A0570 TBA
2007 Horizon BQ270 perfect binder with touch POD screen, in-line scoring, side gluing, fume extraction unit, approx 60,000 cycles. A0201 TBA
1996 Muller Martini STAR Binder, 18 clamp, 14 station with in-line Muller martini Merit 3 way trimmer. A0331 TBA
1998 Euro-Bond 435 Matic, single clamp perfect binder. A0190 TBA
1996 Wolhenberg City 4000 Perfect binder, 16 clamps, 16 stations, Roboteck glue reservoir, 44FS100 three way trimmer, 1996 Muller Martini UNO bookstacker, includes flow ramps. A0154 TBA
Hard Case Making Equipment:    
1988 Kolbus smashing unit model FM405. A0423 TBA
1988 Koblus Nipping and Outfeed unit, model FN75. A0428 TBA
1988 Wohlenberg 3 way trimmer, model 44FM50. A0429 TBA
1980 Freccia Rounding and backing machine, model 540. A0430 TBA
1980 Freccia Triple liner H& T Bander, model M541. A0414 TBA
1984 Kolbus Casing machine, model EMP-40. A0415 TBA
1974 Kolbus Forming machine with hydraulic power pack. A0433 TBA
1974 Freccia Two Head casemaker, model CM-422. A0441 TBA
Book edge guilding machine sander and foiler. A0424 TBA
1988 Meccano Technicia "Collmatic Aleskia" endsheet paster and inserter, model 4, refurbished in 2000. A0508 TBA
Kensul Gold Blocking Press K-50-D, chase size 400 x 270mm, made in New York. A0060 TBA
Bremeher 13mm single head stitcher, above average condition. A0115 TBA
Bremeher heavy duty saddle/head stitcher, 25mm stitch depth. A0265 TBA
Bremher Lepzig single head saddle stitcher. A0481 TBA
1995 Hohner Favorit 30mm single head stitcher, 3 phase. A0327 TBA
Bardolet singe head heavy duty stitcher, 30mm (hohner copy). A0333 TBA
Grafix single head heavy duty head & saddle stitcher, 25mm depth. A0333 TBA
L.J.Morrison 3J stitcher, maximum stitch depth approximately 15mm (1.5K cash only) A0007 TBA
J.L Morrison single head stitcher. A0287 TBA
JJ Morrison head and saddle stitcher, 15mm depth. A0579 TBA
Vickers PS1875 single head stitcher A0221 TBA
Brehmer single head sticher S3A 1"clinch and 2"stab stitcher. A0294 TBA
Bostitch Textron F94A Box Stapler with 5 boxes of 2,400 staples. A0382 TBA
Nagel benchtop single head saddle and head stitcher. A0155 TBA
Mail insertion system:    
1994 PFE Automailer 2, model E1230, 2 infeed trays, folder and envelope insert A0171 TBA
1994 PFE 1040AA auto inserter, folds A4 to DL and inserts to envelope. A0573 TBA
Insertion/plastic wrap system:    
1996 Rennco 101, model 101SF, polyethylene bagger, minimum 254 x 254mm, max 510 x 457mm. A0021 TBA
2002 BECK S1332 three station collating (friction feed) and auto shrink wrapping machine with counting device. Grab feed system-max. size 320mm, min.size 130mm and 40mm height. For re-sealable flap bags, device for cigarette tag, device for Hangsell capability and shrink heat tunnel. Speed 1,200 packets per minuite. A0084 TBA
Miscellaneous finishing equipment:    
1999 Collmatic end tipper. A0153 TBA
1989 Aster-Headop, type Astronic section sewer, in production. A0198 TBA
2007 Dick Moll & Sons SPRINT BOX POCKET stack feed gusset gluing line with in-line Dynatec twin gun (2) hot glue application system. A0280 TBA
Padmaster 2000 automated padding machine, maximum 430 x 460mm with 75mm max. thickness. A0495 TBA
1989 Lady Pac Pactur 65AL2, A2 size with tunnel. A0361 TBA
1984 Australian Heatshrink, A3+ format with heat tunnel, condition 8 out of 10. A0159 TBA
Heatshrink Australia A3 shrink wrapper with heat tunnel. A0059 TBA
2001 Minipack shrink wrapper 500 x 400mm. A0397 TBA
Beseler A3 table top shrink wrapper A0342 TBA
1988 Occhiellatrice hydraulic eyeletting machine, model 70/I/PNA. A0407 TBA
1989 Occhiellatrice hydraulic eyeletting machine, model 70/I/PNA. A0408 TBA
1985  Burton TK-5 Arbeco threading and knotting machine. A0002 TBA
1995 Rollem suction feed perforation, slitting and scoring machine, has mobile stand, A3 plus size. A0554 TBA
1997 Morgana FNS rotary suction feed numbering/scoring and perforation unit. A0322 TBA
1994 Morgana FSN suction feed off-line number and perforation unit. A0475 TBA
Pescha Neuffen round cornering machine, type 105/02H. A0345 TBA
FT Wimble round cornering machine, 3 phase. A0156 TBA
Sterling thermograph, rasied print machine. V.G.C. A0215 TBA
1990 Sitma, heat shrink tunnel,cnr. Attachment, AS NEW A0062 TBA
Kallfass KC-5050 automated shrink wrapper (max. document size 400 x 550mm). A0178 TBA
GI stack wagons for moving A3 paper, x 2 wagons A0286 TBA
Laminating equipment:    
1987 Hirose spot u.v. coater can coat a 940 x 1300mm sheet @ 5,000 sheets per hour. A0509 TBA
2007 CDS semi-automatic board mounter, grey and corragatted, sheet size 1500 x 1100mm. A0302 TBA
2007 Foliant 400A laminator, auto feed, auto tear off and stacker, sheets up to SRA3 size. A0088 TBA
2007 YII LEE Automated UV Coater 1020 x 720mm, 3,000 sheets/h A0582 TBA
1988 Hock Industry HV-B 1100mm hand feed heat seal blister pack coater with heat tunnel and conveyor. A0107 TBA
1981 Speil universal laminator, 1100 x 1600 sheet to single face roll operation. A0469 TBA
Goldline 800mm roll laminating machine, re-conditioned A0076 TBA
1996 GBC 800CDL, 800mm laminator plus materials A0259 TBA