Miscellaneous Items:

Equipment description Ref. number Serial number
Crown 15BT130 electric fork, 1000kg lift cap. A0048 TBA
Crown 20MT90A electric fork, 1000kg lift capacity A0344 TBA
Crown 20MT90A electric fork, 1000kg lift capacity A0162 TBA
"Big Joe" walk behind electric fork, 1000kg capacity, 3.6M lift height. A0293 TBA
Chemical storage cabinets:
Light evaluation units:
"Tru Lite" colour evaluation work station x 2. A0292 TBA
"Tru Lite" colour evaluation work station 5,000 K light source and hour odometer x 2 units. A0217 TBA
2004 Tubelock A2 light viewing booth x 3 A0450 TBA
Light table, tilt adjustable, 800 x 1300mm. A0316 TBA
Payne light evaluation table with overhead light source. A0323 TBA
Letterpress equipment:
1995 USA jigsaw/drill with CCTV, used in the manufacture of form cutting. A0186 TBA
1962 Heidelberg "T" platten, 13 x 10.5", includes furniture and tools. A0144 TBA
Heidelberg Platten, 25 x 36cm, free from gear/cylinder damage A0188 TBA
1950 Heidelberg "T" Platten, tools, coins and furniture. A0390 TBA
1972 Heidelberg "T" Platten. A0471 TBA
1954 Heidelberg "T" series platten (10 x 15") with Milford-Astor foiling and embossing unit. A0077 TBA
1959 Heidelberg GTP platten with hot foil plate and chase for die cutting, some furniture. A0208 TBA
Chandler & Price, platten, circa 1900, ideal for foyer piece.



Heidelberg baby K cylinder 380 x 400mm.



1955 Heidelberg K cylinder 38x52cm, 11 chases, coins & rollers. A0058 TBA
1958 Heidelberg K cylinder 38x52cm. A0057 TBA
1955 Heidelberg K cylinder 38x52cm. A0498 TBA
1960 Heidelberg K cylinder 38x52cm. A0527 TBA
Heidelberg K cylinder 380 x 520mm. A0520 TBA
Heidelberg KSBA 580 x 460mm. A0516 TBA
1966 Heidelberg KSBA cylinder   580 x 460mm. A0502 TBA
1958 Heidelberg K cylinder 38 x 52cm, never used as a diecutter. A0124 TBA
1955 Heidelberg S cylinder 540 x 720mm VGC. A0056 TBA
1956 Heidelberg S cylinder 540 x 720mm. A0447 TBA
1962 Heidelberg SBZ cylinder 540 x 770mm A0141 TBA
1964 Heidelberg SB cylinder 540 x 770mm A0133 TBA
1968 Heidelberg SBB cylinder, 560 x 820mm with safety cover. A0392 TBA
1965 Heidelberg SBB cylinder, 560 x 820mm. A0528 TBA
1965 Heidelberg SBB cylinder, 560 x 820mm, converted for cutting and creasing. A0291 TBA
1966 Heidelberg SBB cylinder, 560 x 820mm. A0427 TBA
1967 Heidelberg SBD cylinder, 650 x 900mm, pre-loader. A0137 TBA
1968 Heidelberg SBD cylinder, 640 x 890mm, pre-loader, can be converted to 64 x 91cm. A0524 TBA
1966 Heidelberg SBG cylinder 640 x 910mm A0330 TBA
1974 Heidelberg SGS cylinder 720 x 1040mm, full height feeder and delivery. A0587 TBA
1962 Albert Frankenthal Prasident 70/101, 710 x 1020mm. A0496 TBA
1970 Crosland clamshell diecutter 780 x 1040mm, 3 phase. A0200 TBA
Krause-Bia Yos Clamshell die cutter 900 x 660mm with variable speed control. A0053 TBA
Bobst 1080E - Flat bed die cutter, pre-loader, max 1080 x 780mm, min 350 x 295mm. batch No.7001 A0588 TBA
1967 Bobst 1260E - 500T Flat bed die cutter, pre-loader, max 1260 x 920mm. A0589 TBA
1980 Bobst 102E comes with 2 die chases, 4 stripping frames, 2 hard plates and micro-metric adjustment. A0548 TBA
1970 Jagenberg crash bottom and straight line gluer with 2 overhead and one straight glue pot, max. 600 860mm min. 100 x 100mm. A0206 TBA
2007 Tsair Shuenn TS-550 folder gluer, standard folding boxes, double sides boxes, crashlock bottom boxes. A0486 TBA
2003 Dick Moll Sprint double gusset folder gluer (for presentation folders) with Dynatec gluing system. A0147 TBA
Ding Shung board mounter 1400 x 1130mm. A0123 TBA
1993 Arpeco Tracker Slitter/rewinder, 330mm width, rewind spindles available-25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 76mm and 100mm. A0416 TBA
1983 Gallus T180S1 combination label press,Unwind, Web pre-tensioning unit, 3 UV screen units, 4 UV letterpress units, 1 heavy duty foil stamping unit, 1 lamination unit, 1 varnish unit, 1 embossing unit, 6 UV lamps, segmented semi-rotary die cutter, electric feeder, slitting/rewind and stripper. A0175 TBA
1983 Gallus T180 S1 combination label press, Unwind , Web pre-tensioning unit, 2 Uvflat screen units, 5 UV semi rotary letterpress units, 1 heavy duty foil stamping unit, 1 embossing unit, 1 flat die cutting unit, 1 flexo/varnish unit, feeder slitting/rewind and stripper A0452 TBA
1984 Gallus T180 (Q33) combination label press,Unwind, Wet pre-tensioning unit, 1 UV letterpress, 2 UV screening printing, or heavyduty foil stamping unit, 1 embossing unit or die cut station, 2 UV lamps, feeder slitting/rewind and stripper. A0457 TBA
1982 Gallus R160 B/2 combination label press,Unwind, web pre-tensioning, 5 rotary letterpress, 1 flexo/varnish unit, 1 lamination unit, 1 rotary DC or emboss unit, 1 flatdie cut unit, feeder, slotting/rewind and stripper. A0458 TBA
1987 Gallus R160 B1, unwind unit with flying butt splicer, 7 letterpress units, 2 screen units, 1 hot foil unit, 1 gravure unitwith hot air drier, 1 flexo unit, 1 flatbed die cut unit, 1 rotary DC or emboss unit. A0453 TBA
1983 Sanden 4 colour web press with GP tinter, 440mm width. A0069 TBA
1974 Schriber 1000 three colour reel to reel web with 4 unit for overprint (nylo plate), 26.5" width, 24" circumference, lateral and circumferential perforation. A0196 TBA
1990 and 1991 Katec After Burner TVA1002/65 Heat set web solvent fume extraction and filtration system. Max temp 815 degrees celsius, 3000 Nm3/h (unit one), 5800 Nm3/h (unit two). A0448 TBA
1998 SIAS semi-automatic screen printer 1800 x 1500mm. A0374 TBA
1996 Austeng of Geelong, hot air/infra-red tunnel dryer used for large format posters 1820 x 7600mm A0468 TBA
2005 20kw High Frequency Mobile Welder, Model No: HFE2005M, Table: 20M (with some extra lengths if required) A0089 TBA
1999 Rollem 30" Rollaway with strike assortment of perforation & trimming heads, for high volumes. A0063 TBA
Alpha envelope feeder A0254 TBA
1990 Zephyr Gas Thermograph, auto powder and surplus suction removal, gas oven and fan cool unit with in-line conveyor and catch tray. A0394 TBA
Zippy automated heat assisted thermograph machine A0073 TBA
Zippy thermograph, raised print machine, electric heat bars, automatic powdering. A0187 TBA
Electric Box Straper A0064 TBA
1986 Iwahashi-Eishindo A4 "Relief Mate" Photopolymer Process System A0049 TBA
Ink mixer 10kg capacity A0086 TBA
Dexion pallet racking with flat rack bases, approximately 20 bays. A0500 TBA
Oce' 2500 high speed copier 100CPM, auto duplex, stalping,5million imp. A0075 TBA
1998 Xerox DC 1250 Docutech. A0046 TBA
2003 Fuji Xerox DocuColor 1250 with X12 Fiery RIP x 3 machines, all with less than 800,000 clicks. A0459 TBA
2000 IBM Info Print with an RS600 based print controller. A0112 TBA
Colour Star 93X11 Colour Server, includes calibration unit, 11months old, under warranty until Oct.2000., Xerox A635 Colour Copier (16-09-94) 218,000 copies.Power Macintosh 9500 3GHD, brand new 17" Mitsubishi Diamond Plus monitor. A0125 TBA
2000 Risograph GR3770 with SC7700 level III RIP, has two colours. A0070 TBA
2001 Risograph GR3770 with SC7700 level III RIP, has four colours, reflex blue, red, green and black. A0369 TBA