Pre Press List:

Equipment description Reference number Serial number
Computer to platemakers  (CTP):
1997 (Nov) Cymbolic Sciences - Platejet 8 CTP system (brand new visable light green laser) Harlequin RIP version 4.1 revision 4, twin 400mhz processor, 128Mb RAM, includes Fuji LP-850P off line processor (daylight operation). A0218 TBA
1999 Gerber Crescent 42CTP, Harliquinn RIP postscript level III, A3 to A1 formats, compressor, Dupont Silverlith processor A0099 TBA
2002 Agfa Galileo VS computer to plate (102, 74, 52cm) with bridge and LP82 Ultra processor, Apogee 1.27 and Print Drive software, inter-slip sheet removal, 2 plate cartridges A0484 TBA
2003 Agfa Galileo VS computer to plate (102, 74, 52cm) with bridge and LP82 Ultra processor, Apogee 1.27 and Print Drive software, inter-slip sheet removal, 2 plate cartridges A0313 TBA
2000 Creo Lotem 800V Thermal CTP, 900 x 1140, includes to adustable cassettes, bridge to processor (no processor), plate stacker and computer monitor. A0575 TBA
2000 ECRM Tigercat A2 CTP with online processor, postscript level III, red laser imaging drum setter, 3 plate cartridiges. A0306 TBA
2000 AB Dick DPM 2340 computer to plate, 52cm format. A0483 TBA
2004 Purup Eskofot DPX, dual cassette system will produce SM52cm format. A0377 TBA
1997 Purup-Eskofot DPX,   dual cassette system will produce SM52cm format. A0519 TBA
2004 Heidelberg Ploysetter 52, Meta Dimension Rip, Postscript level 3, 175 line screen, in-rip trapping. A0296 TBA
2004 Heidelberg Prosetter A2 computer to plate, 52 and 74cm cassettes, complete system with proofer. A0233 TBA
1999 Purup Eskofot Genesis A3 portrait CTP, Harlequin postscript level I, upgradeable t o level II. A0557 TBA
1997 Heidelberg Quasar A3+ imagesetter/poly plate setter, postscript level 3, Delta software V7.5 with inline processor. Also offline processor available . A0400 TBA
1999 Heidelberg Quasar CTP/filmsetter, Postscript level III, Delta 7.75 RIP, with in-line Kodak processor (52cm format) and off-line Kodamatic film processor, Beil plate punch for GTO and SM 52's A0142 TBA
2006 Cobalt 4 CTP, 52 and 74cm foramt with Agfa LP68 plate processor. A0387 TBA
Photo direct plate makers:
1996 Itek 613S silvermaster camera, A3 format A0029 2124
1989 ITEK 615s silvermaster camera. A0242 TBA
1992 ITEK 615s silvermater camera. A0272 TBA
Itek 616s silvermaster camera. A0289 TBA
1993 Itek 617s silvermaster camera, rotary knife, dual roll. A0032 TBA
1994 ITEK 617s silvermaster camera, 2 cartridges. A0367 TBA
1994 ITEK 617s silvermaster camera, 2 cartridges. A0568 TBA
1991 Itek 617s silver master camera. A0435 TBA
1991 Itek 617s silver master camera, dual cartridge. A0552 TBA
1994 Itek 620s silvermaster camera, rotary knife. A0146 TBA
ITEK 1518 silvermaster plate maker, condition 8 out of 10 (GTO52 format) includes 8 rolls of 404mm plate material. A0455 TBA
Maruka 40 x 52cm format silvermaster camera, offers @ $500.00 A0179 TBA
Mitsubishi CP500 SII, A2 silvermaster camera, polyester capable. A0051 TBA
1984 Mitsubishi CP-310, max. plate 310 x 480mm. A0565 TBA
1993 AM multigraphics SP890 dual roll poly-plate maker, back lighting, enlargement and reduction capable, 52cm format. A0562 TBA
1990 AM multigraphics SP890 dual roll poly-plate maker, back lighting, enlargement and reduction capable, 52cm format. A0252 TBA
1998 Eskofot 1640/Ryobi PM40HN. A0470 TBA
1993 AM Multigraphics SP890 silvermater camera , 52cm format. A0558 TBA
1994 Eskofot SP990 Ploy/paper silvermaster camera. A0025 TBA
AM International 990 (eskofot) 52cm silvermaster plate maker. A0513 TBA
Ricoh electro-static platemakers with fusers, x 3, $500.00 each A0183 TBA
Step and repeat machines:
Circa 1985 Misomex AB step and repeat, type 50148, includes punch. A0248 TBA
Vacuum frames:
Agfa Gevertt DL 3000 (3000kw UV light source) A1 vaccum frame with curtain. A0168 TBA
Agfa Dupliphot double sided A2 vacuum frame, 2,000kw single phase. Available end of July. A0442 TBA
1993 Agfa Dupliphot 1100 Exposure Frame. A0412 TBA
1987 Agfa Dupliphot HS290, 2,000kw fliptop vaccum frame, single phase. A0567 TBA
1998 Amagraph A2 single sided filptop vacuum frame. A0010 TBA
1998 Ovac (Agfa) A1 double sided programmable vacuum frame. A0305 TBA
Teneck vacuum frame, 1040 x 1290mm, needs exposure curtain. A0308 TBA
1987 Sack 1100 x 900 vacuum frame suitable for plate making or contacts. A0443 TBA
Screen Plate Contact Frame P-814-I. Maximum plate size upto 1300 x 1100 mm. A0013 TBA
1998 Magnum 323 double sided A2 vacuum frame, 3,000kw A0402 TBA
1999 Themier Spektra-Proof A1 frame, 6,000kw light source, type 2624 A0166 TBA
Theimer Montokop DR 95 Twin Bed Exposure Unit, 45 programs, 6000kw. A0376 TBA
Theimer Copymat A2 vacuum frame. A0277 TBA
2000 Theimer copymate A2 fully programmable bench top frame with metal draws. A0556 TBA
1999 Theimer copymate A2 fully programmable bench top frame. A0561 TBA
1996 Payne XLK2, 2000kw A1 vacuum frame, single phase 15amps. A0274 TBA
Payne A1 vacuum frame, overhead light source. A0362 TBA
1997 Payne A1 vacuum frame, 5000 kW. A0360 TBA
Circa 1990 Payne vaccum frame with 5,000kw source, intergrator and film draw base. A0253 TBA
Berkey Ascor vacuum frame, 5000kw light source, 1100 x 860mm. A0346 TBA
Ofiar 5003 Standing vacuum frame, 5000kw light source, 1180 x 960mm. A0347 TBA
Eskofot A3 vacuum frame. A0232 TBA
A1 Format Contact frame, includes pump, no light source, make an offer. A0106 TBA
Agfa Gevaertt Duplishot A2 vacuum frame. A0131 TBA
Howson Algraphy Autoneg A2 plate processor and Duplex Helioprint A2 frame. A0539 TBA
Addalux INSTANT 2 vacuum frame, 700 x 600mm, benchtop, single phase. A0389 TBA
Olix A1 970 universial light source intergrater. A0384 TBA
Drum and Flatbed scanners:
1992 Dainippon Screen drum scanner SG618A1, Mac interface-Centurlink A0090 TBA
1994 Screen SG-7060P drum scanner, 2 drums with storage boxes 610 length x 180mm diameter, manual and mounting system for transparency. A0449 TBA
1996 Agfa Selectscan A4+ flatbed scanner, negative, reflective and transmission reading, software revision in 2001. A0385 TBA
1999 Screen Cezanne FT-S 5000 large format flatbed scanner, 5,300dpi, disks and manual included, excellent condition, needs replacement lights. A0087 TBA
1997 Scitex Eversmart Pro A3 flatbed scanner(305 x 432mm), 8200dpi. A0456 TBA
1992, 2 x Linotype-Hell Chromagraph S3010 Drum Scanner, Reflective art and transparencies, Maximum size on drum is 650mm x 510mm, Enlargement from 10% - 3000%, Up to 18,000 dpi A0569 TBA
1996 Linotype-Hell Chromagraph S3400 Drum Scanner, Reflective art and transparencies, Maximum size on drum is 650mm x 500mm, Enlargement from 10% - 3000%, Up to 19,200 dpi A0036 TBA
1996 Linotype-Hell ChromaGraph S3400 drum scanner, 3 large, 2 small drums and Mac G3. A0303 TBA
1998 Linotype-Hell, Heidelberg Tango upright drum scanner. A0028 TBA
2001 Linotype-Hell, Heidelberg Primescan D7100 upright drum scanner. A0035 TBA
2001 (Dec) Agfa Phoenix 2250 Imagesetter, model 2940-501, online Bacher punching, Apogee RIP level III, currently running silverplate can be converted to run film. A0461 TBA
1998 Heidelberg Signasetter with in-line processor Delta rip with a IBM Raid Server, all software provided, postscript level III. A0315 TBA
1996 ECRM vr45hs imagesetter with Postscript level II, PowereMac RIP + processor. A0263 TBA
1996 ECRM vr45hs imagesetter with Harliquin Postscript level II, PowereMac platform and 680A Fuji film processor. A0275 TBA
1992 ECRM VR30 Imagesetter, postscript level II. A0436 TBA
1994 Hell Linotronic 330 imagesetter (A3) with Harlequin postscript level III RIP and software. A0417 TBA
1993 Linotronic 200P, 80Mb imagesetter, 300mm width. A0042 TBA
1992 Linotype-Hell 530 with on-line Dupont 55 OL processor, postscript level II A0525 TBA
Linotronic Hell L-300, Hyphen RIP, Pentium233, 1GHD, 128mbRAM, includes Agfa Rapline 66 processor A0140 TBA
1987 Linotronic image setter L-300 including RIP. A0093 TBA
Linotronic Hell L-100. A0119 TBA
1993 Linotype-Hell R3030PS with online DuPont 49C MkII processor, Delta 60 RIP, Comppucon Pentium II with dual 551mhz processors running Delta 6.0 A0474 TBA
1992 Linotype-Hell 3030PS, A1 imagesetter 1100 x 750mm drum setter with on-line Glunz & Jensen OL processor, postscript level III, Delta RIP version 5. A0517 TBA
1994 Panther Pro-62 with in-line Danagraph processor. A0531 TBA
1996 Panther RM-3, RIP postscript level II, Enscore screening, Pentium II server. A0012 TBA
1994 Scitex Dolev 800V A1 Imagesetter, Dupont 37 in-line processor & bridge, Brisque RIP software version 2.2, IBM RS6000 workstation with 233Mhz processor, 256MB RAM and 4 x 8GBHDD, Silver Recovery unit, Tobias TQ & Densitometer. A0386 TBA
1995 Scitex 200 (358x500) drum imagesetter with Dolev4 RIP platform Macintosh. A0182 TBA
1994 Dainippon Screen MTR-1100, 720 x 1100mm format, Harlequin postscript level II RIP with inline processor. A0100 TBA
1999 Screen DT-R5120 imagesetter A1 (720 x 1020mm) with in-line Screen LD-M1090 processor and Siltech silver recovery unit, X-RIP densitometer. Harlequin postscript level III RIP and Navigator version 6.4 A0317 TBA
Proofing devices:
2000 Agfajet Sherpa 43 Printer complete with NEC Sever & Apogee 3.1 RIP software. A0368 TBA
2000 Hewlett Packard DesignJet 3800CP (54')with Firey RIP. A0249 TBA
Hewlett Packard DesignJet 3500CP Adobe postscript III, printer, AO size A0040 TBA
2000 Scitex IRIS 4Print, model 8030, connects to Brisque RIP. A0018 TBA
1997 Scitex IRIS 5030 FX digital proofer (needs repair, suit user for parts). A0072 TBA
2002 (sept) Epson Stylus Pro 7600 A0521 TBA
1993 Fuji colour proofing system (proof can be applied to printed stock). A0041 TBA
GMP Excelam 655Q roll laminator and proofer. A0381 TBA
1996 Dainippon Screen TCP Trulite digital proofing with TP80 laminator. A0238 TBA
Contact frames/film:
1991 Dainippon Screen roll top contact frame, P-637-FA. A0092 TBA
1991 Kodak Roll Top frame, for duplication, contact, spreads and choking of film. A0023 TBA
Processors film & plate:
1993 Kodak A1 Rapid Access film processor. A0045 TBA
circa1990 Fuji FG-950A, A1 film processor with silver recovery unit. A0282 TBA
Luth super speed 950 rapid access film processor, 950mm format. A0349 TBA
Glunz & Jensen, IntrerPlater 88. To suit plates upto 88cm wide. A0014 TBA
1997 Agfa - Howson digital plate processor with in line gumming, format 850mm, 3 phase. A0359 TBA
1998 InterPlater 88 plate processor and Polychrome A3 plate processor. A0403 TBA
Fuji PS800S plate processor with in-line gumming. A0488 TBA
1993 Fuji Film PS 850 PXB – Plate processor. A0411 TBA
Robo T100-022 A2 film/plate processor. A0404 TBA
ANITEC SN32 Plate Processor. A0320 TBA
1992 Ilford Anitec SN32 (made in England) A2 plate processor with gumming unit. A0542 TBA
Copyrapid CR53 plate processor. A0050 TBA
2006 Agfa (glunzen jensen) Azura C85 thermal plate processor. A0421 TBA
1994 Agfa Rapiline 950mm rapid access film processor with light proof feed box. A0515 TBA
Agfa Copyrapid CR-442 plate maker. A0185 TBA
Agfa Copyrapid CR422C plate maker. A0244 TBA
Agfa CP-530 processor. A0120 TBA
Agfa WD-66 processor. A0121 TBA
Agfa Copyproof CP-38. A0122 TBA
1989 Dainippon Vertical Camera. A0037 TBA
1994 Dainippon screen Auto Companica 690E camera with Multiline 80RA processor. A0324 TBA
Agfa Repromaster 2200, d/room camera, digital operation,densitometer. A0117 TBA
Agfa Repromaster MK3, darkroom camera. A0118 TBA
Agfa Repomaster 2001 bromide camera with developing unit. A0245 TBA
1992 DM-300 reflective and trasmission densitometer. A0437 TBA
Oce Helioprint AS RM21 densitometer, reflective and transmission reading. A0383 TBA
Mita DR-3020 analogue plotter printer, AO size. A0246 TBA
Hewlett Packard Draftmaster SX/RX pen plotter, media size 90 x 120cm. A0350 TBA
1997 Tarng Yun TY100-C optical plate punch and bender, suits Komori 28 inch, single phase with compressor. A0173 TBA
2006 Tarng Yun TY100-C optical plate punch, Bacher 425mm, single phase with compressor required. A0504 TBA
2004 YNCA 425-CRA optical plate punch, includes compressor. A0507 TBA
BACHER Control 2000 register system pins 2042.700 x 2 (high, for light table work) 2042.701 x 6 (low, for vacuum frame) A0353 TBA
2001 Billows-Protocol plate punch will do GTO 52, Heidelberg 74, + 102 and Komori Lithrone 40" A0434 TBA
Stoesser registier system GTO and MO format, on stand. A0425 TBA
Bacher 2032 plate punch to suit GTO 52cm. A0105 TBA
Protocol plate punching register system, 229mm, 458mm and 737mm. A0055 TBA
Light table, A1 size, submit offers. A0141 TBA
A1 plus, tilt adjustable metal framed light table. A0164 TBA
Light table, tilt adjustable, 800 x 1300mm. A0316 TBA
Steel light tables, tilt top, 1320 x 950mm. Five tables in total. A0351 TBA
A2 light table. A0005 TBA
"Tru Lite" colour evaluation work station x 2. A0292 TBA
Payne light evaluation table with overhead light source. A0323 TBA
Cromalin laminator x 2, Cromalin automatic toner x 1, Hand tone console x 1, some laminates, powders, spare parts and pads. A0314 TBA