A2 Offset Press List:

Equipment description Reference number Serial number
Heidelberg CPC-3 Plate scanner, GTO, MO, and SM 72, 74 and 102cm A0065 TBA
Heidelberg CPC 2S-1 spectrometer, reads colour bars for *gray scale values*solids values*solids density*dot gain*ink trapping *slur and doubling *. A0225 TBA
Western Press Proofing press, A2 format A0109 TBA
Dampener wash unit, 70cm format. A0341 TBA
Dampener wash unit, 80cm format. A0355 TBA
Dampener wash unit, 90cm format. A0288 TBA
Dampener wash unit, 1200mm, forward and reverse mode. A0102 TBA
Heidelberg MO perfecting jackets, No.53.581.100N. A0550 TBA
2003 KBA 74-4 Karat with Aqueous varnish, 5.5M impressions, pre-loader. A0578 TBA
Single Colour:
1988 Praktika 01, has numbering and perf. A0214 TBA
1955 Perle 127 Color-metal 520 x 740mm single colour press. A0191 TBA
Two Colour:
1980 Komori L225B, lowpile delivery, conventional dampening. A0337 TBA
1975 Komori 225 Sprint, bareback dampening. A0299 TBA
1987 Koenig & Bauer AG Rapida SRO, 720 x 520mm, 41M impressions, Technotrans alcohol dampening. A0170 TBA
1981 MOZPs-np, 62M impressions, conventional dampening. A0216 TBA
1982 Heidelberg MOZPs, 60M impressions, conventional dampening. A0391 TBA
1981 Heidelberg MOZPe-NP Conventional dampening, 37M impressions (x2) Numbering and perforating unit is included... no numbering blocks A0257 TBA
1985 Heidelberg MOZPe, 35M impressions, Varn Kompac III dampening. A0571 TBA
1987 Heidelberg MOZPs, 123M impressions, conventional dampening. A0451 TBA
1985 Heidelberg MOZPs, 74M impressions, conventional dampening, blanket wash. A0210 TBA
1994 Heidelberg SM74-2Pnp, Autoplate, Cptronic, 105M impressions, plate punch and bender, 2 perfs, 2 boxes. A0260 TBA
1998 Shinohara 66IIP, POD screen, 6M imp,laser ducts, alcohol dampening, tape inserter. A0526 TBA
Multi Colour:
1987 Shinohara 66IVPK 2/2 perfector, Royce alcohol dampening, remote register, inking and water control, 44M (genuine??) A0590 TBA
1982 Akiyama Hiace 628, Coolamatic alcohol damp, 157M imp. IR drier. A0020 TBA
1997 Komori L528, 115M impressions, PQC, Komorimatic dampening, SPA plate loading, Pre-set, Plate cocking, impression/feeder/delivery, Auto wash blanket/plate/impression cylinders, IR drier, pre-loader, available Dec.2003 A0074 TBA
1999 Komori L528 LX (extended UV delivery neck) 42M imp. PQC, APC, chilled osscillators. A0366 TBA
1998 Hasimoto Impluse 626, F666H, 660 x 508mm, six colour 26" 51M impressions, alcohol dampening, computer console for ink and rego adjustment,plate cocking, IR drier. A0169 TBA
1995 Hasimoto Impluse 626, F666H, 660 x 508mm, six colour 26" 81M impressions, alcohol dampening, computer console for ink and rego adjustment, plate cocking, IR drier. A0128 TBA
1981 Heidelberg HD72VP, 118M imp. Alcohol dampening, CPC-1. A0234 TBA
1982 Heidelberg MOV-np, genuine 77 million impressions, alcohol dampening, numbering and perforating. A0019 TBA
1987 Heidelberg MOFPH, 2 over 3 perfector, 140M impressions, alcohol dampening. A0480 TBA
1985 Heidelberg MOFP-NP (low pile) 2/3 perfecting, Baldwin alcohol dampening. A0446 TBA
1997 Heidelberg SM74-5, Autoplate,CPC 1-04, 114M imp. Technotrans Alcolor with chilled oscillators. IR drier. A0465 TBA
2001 Heidelberg DI 74-5P (1 over 4) 70M impressions, Autoplate CP-tronic, CP2000, chilled oscillators, Delta 6RIP. A0357 TBA
2002 KBA Rapida 74-5 (2-3 perfecting) CPC desk, SAP, ink temp control, 29M imp. Currently running waterless. A0563 TBA
1995 Heidelberg SM74-6P3 CPC1-04, 130M imp. 1/5 perfecting, autoplate, auto blanket and roller wash, IR drier, pre-stacker. A0194 TBA
1995 Heidelberg SM74-6P3, CPC1-04, 115M imp. 2/4 perfecting, autoplate, auto blanket and roller wash, IR drier, pre-stacker. A0463
1974 (Sept) Roland Parva RVP2C, serie 225, 640 x 915 four colour. A0126 TBA
1995 Roland 306PP CPL desk, 740 x 530mm, 0.6 stock thickness, Autoplate, 2-3 and 1-5 perfecting. A0207 TBA
2003 Ryobi 754 with extended delivery, 23.5M imp. Semi Auto Plate, PCSG Ink control, Ink roller temp control, Tape Inserter (batch counting). A0460 TBA