A3 and A3+ Offset Press List:

Equipment description Reference number Serial number
Perforation arm x 2 to suit 1996 Heidelberg SM-52-2 A0091 TBA
Heidelberg SM52 plate punch and bender. A0335 TBA
2005 Heidelberg GTO plate punch 220mm, and a Ryobi RP2200. A0365 TBA
GTO 46 NP unit with shaft and 2 rings, no boxes, actuators, perf arms or perf wheels. A0510 TBA
KORA plate cylinder shell, plate size 500 x 450mm. A0082 TBA
1991 Royce alcolor dampening system with rollers to suit GTOZ-52. A0440 TBA
1992 Grafische Mauschinen und Zubehor envelope feeder model UEK335 with height adjustable exit conveyor. A0114 TBA
2000 Grafische Mauschinen und Zubehor envelope feeder for oversizes A3 (no exit conveyor). A0231 TBA
2006 Stenz envelope feeder, suit SM52, GTO, etc.. A0326 TBA
1996 Indigo E-Print 1000 digital press, CYMK on 320 x 450mm (104 to 350gsm) with duplexing and full colour personalisation optioned. A0545 TBA
2004 HP Indigo press 3000 (upgraded to 3050 series) six colour digital press with ink mixer, delivers digital colour quality, as well as highly cost-effective short-run printing and variable data print capabilities. A0535 TBA
2001 Heidelberg QM DI46-4, full PMC, 11 M impressions A0572 TBA
2005 TruPress 344, TP 344 Digital Imaging System, NP Circulating Unit (715.F1.0129), TP Delivery Trolley, TP Tank Unit, TP Both Side Gauge Unit, TP Starter Kit, NP Compressor,, Hydravane 50LPURS,240v, TP 344 Plate Material, Tru - ML150G2, XN 2x3.2GHZ TF-S1, 3.0 GB SDRAM, Tru - Trueflow Rite for TP344 V3.1 A0255 TBA
Single colour:
1995 Heidelberg QM-46-1, 19M impressions.



1996 Heidelberg QM-46-2, 3M impressions.



2003 Heidelberg Printmaster QM46-2, 4M imp. Autoplate, laser cut ink ducts, flick ink keys.



1975 Heidelberg GTO-46np (no counter) missing perspex on gaurds, cylinder peeling, cheap press @ 9K+GST ex-site.



1980 Heidelberg GTO-46np, 41M imp. 2 boxes, 1 perf arm, average cond. A0220 TBA
1973 Heidelberg GTO-46np, no total counter, 2 boxes-perfs and No. rings. A0310 TBA
1975 Heidelberg GTO-46np, 4 straight & convex boxes, perf. Arm A0004 TBA
1977 Heidelberg GTO-46np, 68M impressions, conventional dampening. A0339 TBA
1977 Heidelberg GTO-46np (no counter) 6 convex and 6 straight boxes, 2 perforation arms. A0302 TBA
1979 Heidelberg GTO46np, 63M imp and 1977 GTO46np, package A0085 TBA
1984 Heidelberg GTO-52np, 45.6M impressions, 6 straight, 6 convex boxes and a perforation arm. A0312 TBA
1983 Heidelberg GTO-52NP, 50M impressions, 2 boxes, 2 perforation arms, condition 8 out of 10. A0163 TBA
1982 Heidelberg GTO-52. 65M imp, conventional damp.2 straight, 2 convex numbering boxes, 2 perf arms and four wheels, mix of score and perf.@ 40K A0212 TBA
1989 Heidelberg GTO52-np, 26M impressions, conventional dampening. A0213 TBA
1998 Heidelberg SM52-1np, Numbering unit with standard attachments, Autoplate, 25M imp A0546 TBA
1965 Heidelberg KORA (Black series) 570 x 460 (image 560 x 438) 12K refurbishment in 1998 A0129 TBA
1990 Roland Practica NP, serie 144, (52cm format) no total counter, 10,000 sheets/hr.molleton dampening, wheel up Np unit with 2 boxes, 1 perf. Arm, suction feed table and side lays, with tools and manuals. A0462 TBA
1992 Ryobi 510-NP, numbering unit, conventional dampening, 27M imp. Quick release blanket clamps. A0501 TBA
1990 Ryobi 520-np, bareback dampening, 2 boxes. A080 TBA
Two colour:
1978 Heidelberg GTOZP-46np, 85M imp., needs new rubber rollers and machining No.2 ink fountain roller, 6 convex and 6 straight boxes, 2 perforation arms. A0301 TBA
1981 Heidelberg GTOZP-52np, 81M impressions, bare back form dampeners, NP unit with 2 straight, 2 convex boxes, 2 cams, 2 perforation arms, refurbished in 1995, free from gear and cylinder damage. A0258 TBA
1988 Heidelberg GTOZP-52np, 49M impressions, conventional dampening, all cylinders need repair A0532 TBA
1985 Heidelberg GTOZP52-np, 90M imp, Baldwin alcohol dampening, standard NP accessories. A0309 TBA
1986 Heidelberg GTOZ-52np, 76M imp. Bareback dampening. A0130 TBA
1989 GTOZ52-np, 22M impressions, conventional dampening, new rollers, plate punch. A0039 TBA
1990 Heidelberg GTOZ 52 conventional dampening, 38M inpressions, includes 2 straight backwards boxes, 4 straight forward boxes, and 2 convex forward boxes, and 2 perf arms. A0438 TBA
1991 Heidelberg GTOZ-52np, 28M impressions, Crestline dampening. A0038 TBA
2001 Heidelberg PM52-2NP, 7 M impressions, DDS dampening. A0079 TBA
1997 Heidelberg SM52-2P-np, 50M impressions, CP-tronic, Autoplate, Auto roller, blanket and impression wash, preset. Complete NP unit, plate punch and bender. A0409 TBA
1996 Heidelberg SM52-2np, autoplate, 50M imp. Roller condition good. A0267 TBA
1997 Heidelberg SM52-2P, autoplate, ink temperature control, 32M imp. A0150 TBA
1990 Shinohara-Fuji 52IIP, conventional dampening, 20M impressions. A0224 TBA
2003 Shionhara 52-2P, Autoplate, 31M imp.alcohol dampening. A0553 TBA
1994 Shinohara 52IIP with alcohol dampening. A0096 TBA
2003 Shinohara 52-2P, autoplate, 31M imp. A0373 TBA
1993 Ryobi 522, approx 50M imp, conventional dampening with re-circulating system running bareback forms, A0493 TBA
2001 Ryobi 512H, Eco alcohol dampening, 13M impressions, stream feeder, on and off sidelays, central lube,powder spray, like new. A0197 TBA
1997 Ryobi 512, conventional dampening, 42M imp. Quick release blanket clamps. A514 TBA
1990 Ryobi 522PF, 52cm two colour with 3 unit for perfecting, 56M impressions, re-circulating fountain system, bearer to bearer press, pull side and off lay with front and side lay electronic mis-register detection. A0401 TBA
Multi colour:
2002 Heidelberg SM52-4 plus version, CP2000, Autoplate, 41M imp. A0027 TBA
2003 Heidelberg SE52-4P, Autoplate, CP-tronic, 6M impressions. A0574 TBA
2005 Heidelberg SM52-5, 38M imp, CP2000, CIP3 prepress interface, Autoplate, Auto blanket and roller wash. A0444 TBA
2006 Heidelberg SM52-4, Autoplate, 8M imp. A0336 TBA
1996 Heidelberg DI 46-4, 4M imp.Delta 6RIP A0358 TBA
1981 Heidelberg GTOVP-52np, 55M impressions, conventional dampening. A0247 TBA
1988 Heidelberg GTOV52np, 64M impressions, conventional dampening. A0492 TBA
1987 Heidelberg GTOVP-46np (2/2), 60M impressions, bareback dampening. A0499 TBA
2000 Shinohara 52-4,with NP unit (4 straight and convex boxes) 29M imp. autoplate, CPC desk, CIP-3, auto roller and blanket wash. Also has Stenz envelope feeder. A0549 TBA
2003 Shinohara 52-4, 45M imp, autoplate, CPC desk, CIP-3, auto roller and blanket wash. A0467 TBA
2004 Shinohara 52-5P (2/3) 12M imp. autoplate, CPC desk, CIP-3, auto roller and blanket wash. A0418 TBA