Die cutters, Clamshell die cutters, Laminators, Folder gluers, Guillotines, Board Mounters,

UV Coaters and Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machines.


YAWA make a range of flat sheet and clamshell die cutters.

Available with or without auto stripping. Models below are YAWA 1050 (1050 x 750mm) and YAWA PYQ107C (1040 x 720mm) and YAWA PYQ1600 (1600 x 1300mm).

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FANG GUANG Fully Automatic Thermal Lamination machine:

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Fang Guang SAFM-800/1000 full automatic thermal lamination machine with stream feeder and automated cutting.

Uses PLC heat control system in the oil drum roller to maintain consistent circulation of heating temperature, insuring laminating accuracy.

ZHEJIANG GUOWEI GUILLOTINES *92 - 115 - 130 - 137 - 155 - 166 AND 186CM


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YII LEE BOARD MOUNTERS: Fully automated with stock and board feeders. Also manual feed model for those short runs.

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Yii Lee 350SW UV Coater for spot or Cyrel plate coating, LCD display, max. sheet 1050 x 760mm, min. sheet 320 x 280mm, pre-loader

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PREFERRED PACKAGING:  Automated pallet wrapping machine.

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As you may well be aware MIG is the sole agent for the Thando pile turner in New south Wales.

Superior construction and quality components make the Thando pile turner a robust product, thus giving years of trouble free service (tested to 2000kgs).

The Thando is produced using the same quality components and standards as the Polar pile turner, without the usual European price tag.

The most popular model is the 105P AuTv, which turns, airates and vibrates thus aliging, separating and removing forigen debris from previous operations.

The Thando pile turner 105P AuTv has a maximum sheet size of 800 x 1200mm and a maximum lift rating of 1000kgs. This model comes complete with alignment, support and restraing bars.

Thando PT.jpg (78673 bytes) File photo of installed unit.