Small Offset Press List:

Equipment description Reference number Serial number
Davidson 241, old die cast model. A0017 TBA
Davidson 702P. A0161 TBA
Norfin R-37, new rollers, must sell @ 10K A0138 TBA
Norfin R37NP, A3+ sheet size, pull sidelay, numbering & perf. Unit A0068 TBA
1989 Ryobi 3200CD with NP unit, mint condition. A0240 TBA
Itek 975, powder spray 380 x 450mm sheet max. A0008 TBA
1997 RYOBI 3980, 10M imp. A0222 TBA
2000 Ryobi 3200HA, 13M impressions, autoplate, alcohol dampening. A0482 TBA
1985 Itek 3985 MkI, 40M impressions. A0541 TBA
1992 Itek 3985 MkII, stepless ink/water controls, extended sidelays, quick release blanket clamps, 4.5M impressions. A0097 TBA
1992 Itek 3985, MkII, 55m impressions. A0054 TBA
1992 Itek 3985 MkII, stepless ink/water controls, Thompson envelope feeder with exit conveyor, quick release blanket clamps, 12M imp. A0497 TBA
1995 Itek 3985 MkII 29M impressions A0044 TBA
1989 Ryobi 3302M, Varn Kompac dampening, 23M impressions, extended sidelays, minor impression cylinder repair required. A0420 TBA
1997 Ryobi 3200M-NP, 3 boxes, powder spray, work organiser. A0230 TBA
1989 Ryobi 3302M, MkI series, all in working order. A0202 TBA
1993 Itek 3985 MkII, 27M impressions, quick release blanket clamps. A0406 TBA
Ryobi 3200 + (no NP unit, drive only). A0066 TBA
1992 Itek 985NPI with Townsend T-51 second colour head. A0560 TBA
3980 with second colour head, U cut plate clamps, molleton dampening, has NP facility A0071 TBA
1996 Ryobi 3304H, 59M imp. A0413 TBA
1999 Ryobi 3304HA, Autoplate loading, CPC desk controls, 20M imp. Alcohol damp, Optical plate punch. A0301 TBA
1997 ABDick Century 3000 two colour offset press. A0078 TBA
1987 AB Dick 9850, p-spray, w-blade, integrated damp. A0030 TBA
1990 AB Dick 9820 with Townsend T-51 second colour head. A0564 TBA
2003 AB Dick 9980 Two colour (uses common blanket) 6M cycles, flick ink keys with laser cut ducts, Crestline dampening, Airtech powder spray, plate punch. A0001 TBA
AB Dick 350 shute with Gestetner OE1 electro-static platemaker and Richo fuser.(small offset package) A0466 TBA
2002 Hamada H234A, EPS easy plate system (no tools required), 10M impressions, Continuous Dampening with refrigerated recirculation dampening, Auto blanket washer, cylinders VGC, helical cylinder gears. A0419 TBA
Hamada 612CD, A3 portrait A0031 TBA
Hamada 612 CD with second colour head. A0243 TBA
Hamada 700NP, 6 boxes, 2 perf arms, refurbished 2 years ago A0034 TBA