Machinery Wanted:

Description Reference No.
Kugler high speed paper punching machine (for wire-o-bind books). MW0001
Hydraulic 4 head paper drill MW0002
Heidelberg GTOZP-52np with alcohol damp. MW0003
Quality used suction folder capable of folding from A3 to DL in one pass, all models accepted. MW0004
1990 to 1995 ITEK 3985, must be in above average condition, will pay for right machine. MW0006
Crash Folder to fold sections form A3 to DL. MW0007
1997 Heidelberg SM52-2P or SM52-2 MW0008
Paper banding machine, for the bundleing of pharmaceutical instructions leaflets. MW0009
Pallet Turners for the rotation and aeration of palletised paper stacks. MW0010
Used, operational Muller or Harris 6 station gatherer with 2 head stitcher and 3 way trimmer. MW0011
Circa 1992 Heidelberg GTO-52np, low mileage, well maintained. MW0012
Circa 1990 to 1993 Heidelberg 102, 5 colour with 2 over 3 perfecting or 6 colour with 2 over 4 perfecting, alcohol dampening, and computer control desk. MW0013
Circa 1995 Heidelberg MOVs highpile delivery, alcohol and desk. MW0015
Circa 1997 to 1998 Heidelberg SM52-4col. with 2 over 2 perfecting, low impression count, fully optioned. MW0016
1998 Heidelberg CD102-6 plus coater, fully optioned with Autoplate and CP-2000 system. MW0017
Post Drupa 1995 Heidelberg SM or CD 102-4, 102-5, 102-4P or 102-5P with Autoplate loading MW0018
Polar 115EMC monitor guillotine MW0019
Two colour reel to reel web with  22" to 24"(650mm) cylinder circumference and width of 700mm or greater, clients budget 100K AUD MW0020